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Introduction of 8011 Aluminium Foils


8011 aluminium foils belong to 8 series alloy aluminium foils, and they are kinds of aluminium products which add some other alloy elements within them. And all of which make 8011 aluminium foil’s chemical properties better than pure aluminium foils. 8011 alloy aluminium products are mainly used in aluminium foil fields and are not widely used in aluminum sheet fields.

Introduction of 8011 Aluminium Foils

The main alloys of 8011 aluminium foils are 8021aluminium foiland 8079 aluminium foil, among which, 8011 aluminium foil is the most widely used aluminium foil. Then you may wonder what the main applications of 8011 aluminium foils are, and today I will tell you the main applications of 8011 aluminium foils. When it comes to the applications of aluminium foils, the inevitable one that flows into my mind is the cap of bottles, that is to say 8011 aluminium foils are mainly used to make caps of varieties of bottles. Apart from this kind of application, 8011 aluminium foils are also used in the aspect of radiators and the packaging of medicine and food. AL and Fe and Si elements are added into 8011 alumnium foils, which make 8011 aluminium foils have an advantage of high performance.

Zhengzhou Mingtai Industry co. ltd, which is one of the biggest manufacturers of 8011 aluminium foils in China. And the 8011 aluminium foils of Mingtai AL. are mainly used in the caps of different kinds of aluminium bottles and the packaging of medicines, including medicine sticking and capsules. Because of the unique properties of 8011 aluminium foils, which are they are not easy to occur oxidation reactions, so 8011 aluminium foils are the best materials of fast food boxes and beverage bottles. 8011 aluminium foils produced by Zhengzhou Mingtai industry co. ltd are the best choices of customers because of its clean surfaces and color uniformity. And because of the low pollution of 8011 aluminium foils, Aluminium foil will place high performance in the development of low carbon economy. The growth rate of aluminium packaging foil will significantly exceed the growth rate of air condition and cable foil. And I am sure that 8011 aluminium foils will have a bright future.

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