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Consciously or unconciously , there is no denying that these years have witnessed an increasing number of customers buying aluminium foil , in response to this situation , people could not resist asking a question ----that is , what is the best choice about where to buy aluminium foil . For me, Henan Mingtai Industry Co. Ltd. is the best choice. Why? Broadly speaking, there are more than one reason contributing to my choice of buying aluminium foil in Zhengzhou Henan Mingtai Industry Co. Ltd .

First and most important of all, Mingtai Al. is one of the largest private companies that integrates processing, manufacturing, and scientific research in Aluminum Industry in China, which means that Mingtai Al. is a producer not a trader, so it does follow the fact that Mingtai Al. can provide customers relatively competitive price because there are no traders in the middle of the transaction. In other words, customers can buy aluminium foil from Mingtai AL.’s factory directly at a relatively cheap price. Apart from that, Mingtai Al. has passed the ISO certification in 2011, which means the products of aluminium foil from Mingtai Al. can meet the international standard from all aspects, so the quality can be guaranteed. Believe it or not, there are many manufacturers producing aluminium foil but few can pass the ISO certification, that is to say , the quality cannot be guaranteed . Last but not least, for years, Mingtai Al. has been one of the enterprises which contributes the largest amount of taxes and has won many honors for its contribution to governmental tax revenues. In 2009, it was awarded as “Top 100 Enterprises of Honesty in Tax Payment in Zhengzhou”. Since its founding, Mingtai Al. has been adhering to the principle of sustainable development, and was far ahead of other domestic enterprises in low carbon emission and environmental protection. So buying aluminium foil from Mingtai Al. means you support sustainable development and low carbon emission and environmental protection. All in all , it is a wise choice to buy aluminium foil from Mingtai Al.

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