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Unscramble the Market of Aluminum Fuel Fank


Aluminum fuel tank is made of an aluminum sheet. The production process of aluminum fuel tank is the same with the iron one almost but that integrated structure of aluminum fuel tank is more stable and easier in assembly line production after optimized.

Unscramble the Market of Aluminum Fuel Fank


Aluminum fuel tank commonly used alloy 5XXX.The strength of aluminum alloy 5XXX is stronger than alloy 1XXX and 3XXX.It's kind of high-strength alloy with features of good high strength, high formability, high corrosion resistance, high surface resistance and weldability treatment. So it is widely used in automobile fuel tank. Henan Mingtai aluminum, as the leader in domestic and international aluminum industry, has more than ten years of experience in producing alloy 5XXX so that its production process is very mature and stable. Because of our high product quality requirements, alloy 5XXX aluminum fuel tank produced by Mingtai share and has an unshakable reputation on the market.

With the application and development of new materials, antirust issue of iron fuel tank fuel tank becomes the biggest problem of quality. Especially nowadays we pay more attentions on environmental protection. Corrosion resistance, impact resistance, age, recovery value of aluminum fuel tank is more superior than carbon steel and plastics. In the year of 1980, the first aluminum fuel tank is produced in Europe. Until the year of 2004, more than 400,000 aluminum alloy fuel tanks have been produced annually in Europe. And the maximum capacity is 1,100 liters. The aluminum fuel tanks were wholly used by Mercedes-Benz and MAN to produce trucks. The weight of aluminum fuel tank is so light that it's only 40% over the same volume of steel fuel tank. It's no need to be painted. The production process is environmentally friendly. Its long life without rust up to 10 years is more than twice the steel fuel tank. The material can be recycled and the recycling rate is above 85%.

Advancing the process of the vehicle in the heavy truck areas, quality of the fuel affects the promotion of new vehicles. As the carrier of fuel, the quality of fuel tank becomes the focus. Aluminum fuel tank not only can meet the requirements in strength, but also has better advantages in corrosion resistance than iron and many other new materials. It has become the first choice of large passenger cars and heavy trucks which require good-quality fuel. Aluminum fuel tanks have occupied more than 80 percent of passenger cars, heavy trucks and utility vehicles. And it has become the direction of tank accessories development.

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