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Introduction of Aluminum Bottle Caps


Aluminum bottle caps more than a very high degree of automation of the production line process, so the strength of the material, elongation and dimensional variations are very strict requirements, otherwise it will produce cracking or creases in the processing. To ensure easy printing after forming the cap requires Aluminum PP cap stock flat plate surface, no roller marks, scratches and stains. Aluminum bottle caps due to higher requirements, the current domestic market to do more mature aluminum manufacturers less, the current market distribution, market share Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is large, occupying bottle cap market More than half of the share, and a clear growth trend, medicine Aluminum bottle caps market share of more than 85%, with an absolute advantage and good market reputation to win the majority system covers manufacturers of all ages.

In the period 2013-2015, for the pursuit of stability Aluminum bottle caps material, Alpha Aluminum in process and equipment investment has done a major adjustment. In the annealing process aspects of using two annealing way, although the increase in costs, but effectively guarantee the stable performance of Aluminum bottle caps. 2015, Alpha Aluminum has invested tens of millions a foil mill construction, the core components of all imported equipment, plate and dimensional tolerances, which greatly improves the accuracy of the product, the finished product can reach more than 1700mm, double bar cutting width of up to 830mm single finished above, the perfect solution to cover a number of domestic and foreign advanced plant to introduce a full head punch cover equipment, to meet different customer requirements for size tolerances and the demand for aluminum width.

Quality at the core is the inexhaustible source of innovation and enterprising. 2015, Alpha Aluminum has added a washing line, the requirements and needs of customers is relatively high resistance to cooking wine made cap manufacturer for caustic. This production innovation, and countries in recent years the introduction of food safety policy highly fit for the aluminum bottle cap manufacturers of safe and efficient production to provide a great convenience, and lifted the customer worries.

Aluminum bottle caps can be produced not only mechanized, large scale and low cost, non-polluting, can be recycled. Therefore, in the future with a bottle of wine, Aluminum bottle caps will remain the mainstream.

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