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Aluminum Foil’s Price Research Analysis


Aluminum foil has been widely applied now, and its price has attracted more attention too. Aluminum foil, also called container or lunch box, it is mainly used for lunch box in aviation, barbecue plate, food preservation, disposable container and paper plate, etc. Above this, the role of aluminum foil is waterproof, preservation, bacteria proofing and conduction of heat. Now, I will study and analyze the price of aluminum foil.

The price of aluminum foil usually depend on alloy phase equilibrium、property and thickness, etc. Firstly, the commonest alloy phase equilibrium is 8011/H22, 8011/H24, 8011/O and 3003/H24, generally speaking, the price of 3 series is higher than 8 series.

Secondly, in property, it is referring mainly to the request of tensile strength and elongation. That is to say, if the elongation is high, the stamping is not easy to crack, and meanwhile we ask for no oil spills and no smell, so that it can fulfill the requirement of food packaging.

Thirdly, in thickness direction, household foils usually have double zero aluminum foil and single zero aluminum foil, among them; the thickness of double zero is between with 0.03 and 0.2, and different thickness match different price, generally, the thinner, the more expensive.

As a whole, Aluminum foil has a wide range of market applications; it is usually used in daily life. Aluminum foil package is the ideal products which replace commonly instantly used plastic fast-food package because of those excellent features, such as: good look、use convenient and health、 odor free、 non-leakage and can be recycled. And now the price is close to high range package.

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