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The Increasing Trend of 6063 Aluminum Plate for Auto Part


Energy consumption issues has became of hot topics in around the world during recent 20 years. How to reduce the car body weight and fuel consumption have become the most urgent issues to be tackled. The automakers who can solve this problem successfully will be competitive vehicle producers in the future. In this condition, aluminum was chosen as an idea metal used in auto parts. 6063 aluminum plate for auto part has low density and corrosion resistance properties so that fit for weld and extrusion, deep drawing and casting. Superior properties of 6063 aluminum plate for auto part attract more and more automakers try to adopt lightweight metal in their vehicle,

The Increasing Trend of 6063 Aluminum Plate for Auto Part


Mingtai Al. has supplied 6063 aluminum plate for auto partand car body for several years. Heat treatment aluminum plate is available for 6063 aluminum plate for auto part and meet quality requirement of car body. So aluminum alloy 6063 is commonly used as car frame stock. Among all aluminum alloy form 1000 series to 8000 series, 6000 and 7000 aluminum alloy is widely used in widow frame and oil tank. This lightweight aluminum alloy keeps high strength, anti-crack as well as good weldibility so that is a good match for auto parts. China is an emerging vehicle market behind the USA, Japan, and German. But company with some high end and superior sports car, we are still in the primary level, especially in aluminum autos. We have poor technology to fully develop aluminum alloy in automotives. Compare with high aluminum consumption rate in auto parts from developed countries, we just tale little use of it. But the poor beginning shows a strong potential of China’s auto market.

As one of primary aluminum producer of China, Mingtai Aluminum has cooperated with many renowned domestic automakers like Greely automobile, Great Wall Automobile, Chery Automobile and others. Further coorperation will also be kick off in future years. The global demands for 6063 aluminum plate for auto part will keep increasing for a long time. For this reason, Mingtai is dedicated to explore overseas market and try to establish a longterm partnership with our customers.

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