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Advantages of Aluminum Alloy as Truck Tank


Aluminum alloy is one of the earlist lightweight materials that used in automotive manufacture. It is also one of the most commercial and competitive metal materials with light weight. The density of aluminum is 1/3 of steel, thus, it is also much lighter than steel. Lightweight is a trend in automotive manufacture, and massive use of aluminum alloy is one way to light the weight. Then how lightweight can be realized in this field? As a manufacturer and supplier, Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. offers some advantages of aluminum alloy as truck tank:

Aluminum sheet

1. Safe of Aluminum Alloy

1.1 Light in weight of aluminum alloy can reduce the abrasion of truck tire, thus, the rate of tire burst can be increasing reduced.

1.2 Aluminum alloy material has good conductivity, so static will not accumulate. As a result, no instant current occur, which can reduced the risks of harm.

1.3 When truck crash or fall during transport, drilling a hole to get petroleum out is necessary. aluminum alloy will not produce sparks when drilling, which guarantee the safety of operation staff.

2. Durable of Aluminum Alloy

2.1 There is a thin film formed on the surface of aluminum alloy, which can prevent the correction of air and water. Good resistance to oxygen guarantees no rusty situation. In this way, articles will get away from pollution or infection. What’s more, the life span of aluminum alloy can reach to 15 – 20 years, some can even be much longer.

3. Environment Friendly of Aluminum Alloy

3.1 Aluminum alloy can be recycled again and again, therefore, little damage substance produced to our natural environment and saves our limited energy resources. Recycled aluminum alloy material has no differences in chemical or mechanical properties with primary aluminum alloy materials.

3.2 The truck tank of aluminum alloy itself is light in weight, meanwhile, the weight it can carry is much larger. On this respect, times of transport can be reduced, which can save the fuel resources and reduce the waste gas pollution into the air. Therefore, damages to our planet are controlled.

3.3 For its properties, aluminum alloy can prevent from the correction of air and water. So no paint need to coat on the surface.

From all the analysis above, we can come to a conclusion that, using aluminum alloy in truck tank can regain fund in a short time and create more financial profits. Besides, it is safe. More importantly, aluminum alloy has almost no pollution to the environment.

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