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Introduction of 6061 Aluminum Sheet


1. Elements of 6061 Aluminum Sheet

For 6061 aluminum alloy, magnesium and silicon are the main alloy elements, and formed Mg2Si phase. If it contains a certain amount of manganese and chromium, can counteract the bad effect of iron; Sometimes will add a small amount of copper or zinc, in order to improve the strength of the alloy, and don't make it have a significantly lower resistance to corrosion; Conductive material with a small amount of copper, in order to offset the bad influence of titanium and iron for electrical conductivity; Zirconium or titanium can refine grain and controlling recrystallization organization; In order to improve cutting performance, can be added to the lead and bismuth.In Mg2Si solid soluble in aluminum alloy artificial aging hardening function. The main alloy elements in 6061 aluminum alloy for magnesium and silicon, with medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability, oxidation effect is better.

6061 aluminum sheet

2. Heat Treatment Process of 6061 Aluminum Sheet

1) rapid annealing temperature of 350 ~ 410 ℃; On different materials of effective thickness, heat preservation time between 30 ~ 120 min;Air or water.

2) high temperature annealing, heating temperature of 350 ~ 500 ℃.Thickness 6 mm or higher, the heat preservation time is 10 ~ 30 min, < 6 mm, heat through;The cold air.

3) low temperature annealing, heating temperature of 150 ~ 250 ℃;Holding time is 2 ~ 3 h;Air or water.

Warmth to remind you of 6061 aluminum alloy density of 2800 kg/m ^ 3

Corresponding brand

GB: 6061 (LD30) GB/T 3190-1996

ISO: AlMg1SiCu ISO - 1989-209.1

Japanese standard, JIS H4040 A6061 JIS H4000-1999-1999

Non-standard: 65032 IS 65032-733 IS 737-2001

EN: EN AW - 6061 / AlMg1SiCu EN 573-3-19 94

German standard: AlMgSi1Cu/DIN/W - 1725.1-1986 3.3211 Nr

Method: 6061 (A - GSUC) NF NF A50 A50-411-411

BS British standard: 6061 (N20 / H20) 1470-1988

American standard: 6061 / A96061 AA/UNS

3. Basic Status Code of 6061 Aluminum Sheet

F free processing status Apply to in the process of forming, for work hardening and heat treatment conditions of special requirements of the product, the mechanical properties do not make provisions of the state of product (less common)

O annealed state Apply to obtain the minimum strength by full annealing processed products (occasional)

H work hardening state Apply to improve strength by work hardening products, product after work hardening can pass (also (without) the strength decreases the additional heat treatment (usually as a heat treatment to strengthen material)

W solid melting heat treatment state A state of instability, apply only after solution heat treatment, natural aging of the alloy at room temperature, the state only that products are in a natural aging phase (less common)

T heat treatment condition (different from F, O, H) is suitable for heat treatment, with (or without) work hardening to achieve stable products. T code behind must be one or more with Arabic numerals (general type for heat treatment of intensive material)

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