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Wide Application of 5052 Aluminum Alloy


5052 aluminum Alloy is Al-Mg alloy, also is the most widely used in life of anti--rust aluminum plate. Henan Ming-tai aluminum production of 5052 aluminum alloy in the computer, tank material, auto exterior parts have great achievements. Ming-tai aluminum can design and manufacture different aluminum product according to customers’ different demand.Superior technology based on customer demand, to produce a variety of shapes, pragmatic and innovative, for every new and old customer with high quality services to the entire process.

1. The chemical composition and commonly used production status of 5052 aluminum alloy:

Chemical composition standard of 5052 aluminum alloy: Al (remain), Si (0.25), Cu (0.10); Mg (2.2~2.8); Zn (0.10); Mn (0.10); Cr (0.15~0.35); Fe (0.40). The most commonly used state: H32, O, H22, H16, and H34. The requirements of the state are closely related to customer requirements. Ming-tai aluminum according to the different requirements of customers make different production process, in order to achieve maximizes meet customers demand.

2.The advantage of 5052 aluminum alloy:

5052 aluminum alloy is mainly used for request high plasticity and good weld ability. 45% for panel computer, mobile phone shell, large panel computer shell and operation platform, etc…Requirement: the appearance, roughness and mechanical properties. 40% for automobile parts, requirement: the appearance, roughness and mechanical properties, 15% for street lamp bracket, solar stent, and desktop computer base (2.0).

3. The surface quality of 5052 aluminum alloy:

5052 aluminum alloy in the process of production, and final product, for surface without indentation, scratch, surface quality defects such as color difference, Mechanical performance requirements 90 degrees bend cracks, board face no black silk after.

Along with the continuous progress of the times, many new effective alloying element and alloying method are discovered, which improve the heat resistant and integrate capability of aluminum alloy, with common progress and common development, establish a good reputation in the aluminum industry Strive forward. Making the necessary breakthroughs will require mass improvements across many technologies. Henan Mingtai Aluminum as a leader of aluminum industry, does not fall on the pace of the trend, strive forward.

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