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The Application of Household Aluminum foil


In China, household aluminum foil products are aluminum foil consumption of new markets, the main varieties of household aluminum foil are aviation aluminum foil fast-food lunch boxes, food preservation of aluminum foil, aluminum foil containers, barbecue frozen food aluminum foil containers, hotel with foil, microwave heating with aluminum offer or covered with aluminum foil (aluminum cover) of plastic containers, household stoves aluminum foil pads, towels, cake, aluminum plate, bread plate, preservation of aluminum foil containers, ward food containers, cold boxes, cold preservation container, etc. All above are made from household aluminum foil.

The Application of Household Aluminum foil


The alloys in use of household aluminum foil products as follows: 1235, 3003, 3004, and 5052. Alloy is O temper or H24 temper. The thickness of the aluminum foil are 0.04mm-0.15mm, after the aluminum foil uncoiling-lubrication-stamping- material-inspection-disinfection formation thickness of 0.015 mm, width 250mm, coil ID 25mm-45mm. Characteristics of household aluminum foil for keeping fresh, taste, non-toxic, health, environmental protection and can be recycled. There is no pollution problems, and more environmentally friendly.

With the development of national economy and better living standards, household aluminum foil products have become the core source of the nation's life. Henan Ming-tai aluminum industry as a leader of household aluminum foil industry, main products are raw materials of aluminum foil boxes, crisper, etc. At present, a lot of household aluminum foil in the domestic used in restaurants and grocery stores. Household aluminum foil is currently mainly used for airlines, hotels, etc., but the fast-food restaurants and everyday use is also increasing. With the improvement of people's living standards, market potential is very large. Already, the demand of Japanese household aluminum foil is more than 10% of the total aluminum foil.

Household aluminum foil is emerging markets products in China, the number of household aluminum foil production enterprise are less, small size, the Chinese household aluminum foil industry is not well established, Henan Ming-tai aluminum that 80% of its modified liberation household aluminum foil have been exported to the overseas market, with the Japan, European and American markets taking the majority. In each of the next two years, we must be do the best possible.

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