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Electronic Aluminum Foil :The New Trend of Aluminum Processing Industry


Although the electronic aluminum foil affected by the down aluminum foil market ,however ,the electronic market and car market benefited from the year-end high season and the prospect of the development of technology, the market prospect of the electronic aluminum foil is getting better and better. Electronic aluminum foil is the very important materials of aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The main application areas of electronic aluminum foil including computer, communications, TV, monitors, air conditioners, mobile phones and other high-tech digital electronics industry, this new kind of electronic materials and basic electronic products had got the support of state.

Electronic Aluminum Foil :The New Trend of Aluminum Processing Industry


Due to electronic aluminum foil is the very important materials of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor. It has become an irresistible trend that the development of aluminum electrolytic capacitors rise or fall depend on electronic aluminum market At present, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor claimed a market capacity share of half or more. In addition to the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, electronic foil is also widely used in high voltage transformer, radio tags, etc.

Because of the development of science and technology, it bring the fast development of the electronic aluminum foil, And the Chinese manufacturing enterprises are pointed the direction of the efforts because of the "made in China 2025" issued by the state council in this year. Despite downturn of the macroeconomic environment in China recently, and it is not obvious that the price of aluminum price can bottomed out in the short term. But after this round of industry shuffling, eliminate backward production capacity, domestic aluminum industry will become more healthy, In addition, we can see that the downstream industry of aluminum electrolytic capacitor keeps prosperous, Which the industry can determine the development of the market the aluminum foil market. Prospect of the electronic aluminum foil is getting better and better with the vigorous development of the electronics industry in the future.

Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. has been committed to research and develop the electronic aluminum foil. Our company has a first-class of technical personnel team, excellent technical equipment, and advanced production equipment in China, in addition the quality of our company products had been reached domestic advanced level. Our products sales of domestic market share of more than 70%.We exported to Japan, Europe, southeast Asia and other countries and Taiwan region, widely used in aviation, spaceflight, home appliance, information equipment, and other fields. Welcome to our company to visit and guide.

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