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Introduction and Application of Honeycomb Aluminum Plate


Honeycomb aluminum plate is combined the technology of composite honeycomb plate in aviation industry and developed to metal composite board products. "Cellular sandwich structure is used in the product, which is to choose high strength aluminum alloy as the face which coated with the surface weathering-resist excellent decorative coating. After high temperature and high pressure, base plate composite with honeycomb core material. Honeycomb aluminum plate has advantages of excellent in material selection, advanced in produce craft, and reasonable structure. Honeycomb aluminum plate not only has excellent performance in flatness, but also has many different choices in shape, surface treatment, color and installation system. In addition, the face plate can choose aluminum alloy, and also can choose other material according to customer requirements, such as: copper, zinc, stainless steel, pure titanium, fire prevention board, marble, aluminum-plastic plate, etc.

Application of Honeycomb Aluminum Plate:

1. Honeycomb aluminum plate used in building curtain wall decoration area.

Honeycomb aluminum plate based on the composite honeycomb plate technology developed from aviation industry. Honeycomb aluminum plate have light weight with good strength. The surface is very smooth, joint width can also be strictly controlled, which allow the architect can design a big board face and very straight fine metope. In addition to a certain limit, honeycomb aluminum plate have no standardized size, all plate are composed by factory according to the design drawings custom-made. Such a mode of production to make plate in size and shape has great flexibility, such as: the arcuate plate and the folded plate .This flexibility is widely used in practical application, because this kind of plate can be installed on almost all the keel, and installation is very simple. Honeycomb aluminum plate has become a complete multi-functional highly competitive plate system. It provides the very practical solution which is suitable for almost all types of wall design.

2 Honeycomb Aluminum Plate Used in Ceiling Lining Area:

Honeycomb aluminum plate provide rich choice for the architect from the plate material, shape, installation system to the color, and surface treatment.. Honeycomb aluminum plate can show various effect of ceiling with excellent degrees of freedom in design. With perfect technology and strict control system, Honeycomb aluminum plate can be with super peel strength and excellent physical properties. Honeycomb aluminum plate has good toughness, high degree of insulation, good heat insulation performance, it is an ideal choice for ceiling lining in big project. Honeycomb aluminum plate have many different methods to install, and can undertake heavy smallpox design. People can stand on it to repair.

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