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Container Aluminium Foil


As China’s economy develops, the amount of foreign trades has increased quickly over these years, which results in the fast growth of container manufacturers, along with which, the demand of container aluminium foil increases fast. The fast growth of container aluminium foil brings not only great chances but also great challenges to aluminium industry. So far, the output of container aluminium foil has exceeded 160 thousand tons every single year according to a survey.

Container Aluminium Foil


As more and more people know more about the properties of aluminium foil which are lighter in weight, good corrosion resistance and stable performance under low temperature, people use more and more aluminium products to conduct containers. Generally speaking, 5052 alloy aluminium sheets are the most often used container aluminium foil. And the demand of the tensile strength is between 310 and 380 MPA, while the yield strength is above 230 or 260 MPA, and the elongation is different according to different thicknesses, ranging from 7% to 12%. And the most widely used thickness of 5052 alminium sheets are 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.27mm, 1.44mm, 1.6mm and 2.0mm, and the width are 1.40mm, 1250mm, 2222266mm,2340mm and 2500mm. The higher property the container demands, the thicker of the aluminium sheet will be! Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co. Ltd. started the ultra wide strip successfully, which adapts to container aluminium foil’s demand of being wider and wider, and at the same time ensures the development demand of higher market. Container aluminium foil demands strictly to materials and 5052 alloy contains high element of Mg and have good wear-resisting property and weldability, which of course is a good kind of choice for container aluminium. Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co. Ltd. As the leading manufacturer in China, specialized in professional skills to meet specific aluminum foil market usage demand, Mingtai’s quality is accepted by customers abroad. And Mingtai will benefit from the good quality and service.

All that has conducted above acts as a valid tribute to the fact—the time has come for us to carry out our resolve to adapt to the trend of the times. Mingtai Al. will grasp this great chance to provide high quality container aluminium foil and meet the challenge.

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