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Application Prospect of 5083 Aluminum Plate


5083 aluminum plate is aluminum magnesium alloy, is a processing fee of 5 alloys in high But because its corrosion resistance of the 5083 aluminum plate, good machinability, deep drawing for application in recent years, 5083 aluminum plate in the good strength of heat treatment of alloy After anodic treatment, the surface is more beautiful.

Application Prospect of 5083 Aluminum Plate


The main alloying elements in 5083 aluminum plate is magnesium, has good corrosion resistance and welding performance, and moderate intensity, wide use range, especially in the construction industry cannot do without this alloy is the most promising alloy. Excellent corrosion resistance to 5083 aluminum plate is widely used in marine applications such as ships, aircraft and automotive, welding parts, subways, in recent years, mainly used in the manufacture of aircraft fuel tank, oil pipe, automobile cylinder and metal products, electrical housing etc. The reservoir is used for gas in automobile braking system storage device, which is used to store the air compressor (pump) compressed gas out, for car brake, whistle system. The main function is for storage, filtering and voltage stabilizing and cooling etc.

The beginning of iron storage cylinder for car, but due to the degree of iron storage cylinder cleaning more difficult to control and easy to rust and need to spray the inside and outside processing, resulting in significantly shorter service life; 5083 aluminum plate forming processing performance is good, 5083 aluminum for automotive storage cylinder, aluminum alloy coating on the surface of the membrane, cleaning is good, aluminum alloy gas cylinder surface naturally easy to generate a layer of dense solid protective film, can very good to protect the storage cylinder body from corrosion, extend the use fixed number of year, so in the future 5083 aluminum will have wider application prospect in the market.

Mingtai Aluminum can mainly supply aluminum alloy 5083 aluminum plate with the thickness of3.0 to 600mm, which can meet most of demands of customers. For other 5000 series of aluminum, we can also supply 5005, 5042,5052,5083,5754, 5182, 5251 and others. Mingtai Aluminum can supply aluminum sheet with the maximum width of 3300mm.

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