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Typical Performance and Application of 6061-T6 Aluminum Plate


6061-T6 aluminum plate is the most important extrusion alloy in the aluminum processing industry. At present, there are more than 70% aluminum extrusion processing materials using 6061-T6 aluminum plate in the world. The composition of the 6061-T6 aluminum plate is : 0.3%~1.3% Si,0.35%~1.4% Mg. In this limitation, many countries develop hundreds of different components of the alloy. According to the American AA standard alloy list, there are 46 kinds of different 6000 series aluminum alloy, however 252 different compositions are listed in the handbook of international alloy compositions published in October 1980. After decades of practice application and screening, 6063,6082,6061,6005 are the popular alloy in 6000 series aluminum plate, they cover the tensile strength from 180MPA to 360MPA, which across a range of all aluminum alloys.

6061-T6 aluminum plate is a typical representative of Al-Mg-Si, which is easily to be extruded and welded, It is the preferred material for building doors and windows profiles. It has good plastic properties and corrosion resistance when it is under the pressure of temperature-speed condition, and it has no stress corrosion tendency. During the welding process, the corrosion resistance is actually not reduced. 6061-T6 aluminum plate with a certain strength, can be welded and resist, is used as a variety of industrial structure, such as in the manufacture of truck, tower building, ships, electric vehicles, railway vehicles, containers, furniture and other fields. 6061-T6 aluminum plate has a broad market prospect in the automotive, shipbuilding and other high-end manufacturing industry. Therefore, 6061-T6 aluminum plate is one of the important direction of the aluminum processing industry.

At present, there are many mills who can supply 6 series aluminum sheet and plate in the domestic market. Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest suppliers of 6000 series aluminum plate. Over the years, 6061-T6 aluminum plate has stable performance, large-scale production in the domestic aluminum market, which plays an important role in the successful development of the track. The application of the 6061-T6 aluminum plate has opened a new world on the ship and other high-end manufacturing areas.

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