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The Application of 3104 Aluminum Plate


Aluminum alloy with light weight, density is small, only 1/3 of the steel, high strength, components configuration, process and heat treatment method can achieve a high strength, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, the formation of oxide layer, can prevent the oxidation of the metal, good acid and alkali, surface treatment is diversiform, and beautiful, can undertake anodic oxidation, chemical processing, polishing, and easy processing, good electrical conductivity, installation is convenient, also can welding, glue stick links to a variety of ways, improve the recycled recycling, etc.

The Application of 3104 Aluminum Plate


Deformation of 3104 aluminum plate such as common, it is aluminium alloy, the main state is H111/0 / H14 / H16 H18 / H34, tensile can control the largest in greater than or equal to 275 mpa, elongation can be greater than or equal to 20%;Because the 3104 aluminum plate has proper elongation, good corrosion resistance, good processability, therefore, we can according to different application requirements for processing into a different state of hardness of the alloy smelting.

The application of 3104 aluminum plate in the construction industry is a very high cost performance, such as exterior wall materials, 3104 aluminum plate in a comfortable, lightweight, durable, economic, environmental protection direction play an important role;3104 aluminum plate is widely recognized as the architectural design of the service life of 50 years of roofing, is widely used in airport terminals, aircraft maintenance, station, daxing transport hub, conference exhibition center, stadium, exhibition hall, the construction of public service, building shopping center, etc

At present domestic manufacturer of 3104 aluminum plate is also very much, such as wanda, southwest aluminum, henan ming-tai aluminum, etc., which is ming-tai aluminum can customize according to customer demand production, the thickness of 3104 aluminum plate processing range of 0.15-0.5 mm, to a large extent meet the needs of the market for the vast majority of customers.

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