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Introduction of Coated Aluminum Sheet


1. Introduction of Coated Aluminum Sheet

Bare aluminum sheet are processed through cleaning, chromizing, rolling coating, baking and other procedures. Then it will have vivid colors on the surface, thus, coated aluminum sheet is finished. Color coated aluminum sheet is light in weight, has good weld-ability and resistance to correction. Thus, it is vastly used as vacuum sheet, aluminum curtain wall sheet, roofing material, celling and so on and so forth. Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of coated aluminum sheet for 18 years. The paint that Mingtai Al. adopts are international famous, such as American-PPG, Sweden-Beca, Nippon, etc. In this way, the coating properties are pretty stable, comparing to other coated aluminum sheet in domestic.

Introduction of Coated Aluminum Sheet


2. Classification of Coated Aluminum Sheet

There are mainly three ways to classify coated aluminum sheet at present. According to the manufacturing procedures, coated aluminum sheet can be divided into PE coated aluminum sheet and PVDF coated aluminum sheet. According to the thickness of paint, coated aluminum sheet can be divided into single coating and double coating. The thicknesses of single coating are 5μ, 8μ, 15μ, and 18μ while those of double coating are 25μ-28μ. According to the purpose of final usages, coated aluminum sheet is generally divided into roofing material (AL-Mg-Mn roofing system), ceiling materials (aluminum alloy ceiling), drawing metal (drawing on the surface), etc.

3. Features of Coated Aluminum Sheet

Firstly, coated aluminum sheet has good resistance to high temperature. The melting point of aluminum is 660℃, common temperatures could not reach its melting point. Secondly, coated aluminum sheet is environment friendly. Coated aluminum sheet can be recycled again and again, so little damage can be produced to the environment. This also satisfies the trend all over the world nowadays. Thirdly, coated aluminum sheet has superior resistance to correction to anti oxygen, acid, ultraviolet rays, etc. Therefore, the color and shape can be kept for decade or even more. Fourthly, the color is pretty uniform with non tolerance. Even for massive ceilings, it can still hold good luster and uniform colors. Least but not last, coated aluminum sheet can be cut, bend, drilling, and bear other processing to satisfy diffident demands from customers.

4. Conclusion

coated aluminum sheet has more features than that above, and it has become a part in people’s daily life. Mingtai Al. can provide coated aluminum sheet with almost all colors available. Advanced rolling and coating production lines guarantee high quality products and vivid colors. However, Mingtai Al. only provide coated aluminum sheet and coil without drilling holes or bend it. Film and paper can be added to protect products from sea water for long delivery. Fast delivery and good after sale service make Mingtai Al. win lots of praise from customers all over the world.

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