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The exhibition of the China’s traffic aluminum accelerating the application of the traffic aluminum


Currently, the global energy and environmental systems continued to be challenged, as a big automobile oil consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, there is an urgent need for revolutionary change. Green, environmental protection, energy conservation has become the main theme of the future development of the automotive industry and traffic aluminum. In this context, China's new energy vehicles as an important branch of the traffic aluminum automotive industry, ushered in the golden period of development

New energy vehicles growing rapidly

If it says that in 2014 China's new energy auto just start its growth, then 2015 it is showing explosive growth. Under favorable policiesstimulations, the national restriction relaxed, purchase tax exemption, official and public procurement of vehicles increase, only 1--10 monthly production has reached to 279,200, far more than the 83,900 in 2014, an increase of 4 times, total sales is to reach 138,700. 2015 annual production is expected to reach 200,000. China has been far more than The United States, become the world's largest new energy vehicle market and traffic aluminum.

Different from the traditional vehicles, new energy vehicles influenced by the battery weight and battery life. The reduction of body weight are more urgent than conventional cars. So the problem of new energy vehicles in the vehicle design and materials application is the body weight. The density of aluminum is only 1/3 of steel, the weight loss and energy-saving effect is obvious, and in the premise of ensuring safety can better enhance ride comfort. Meanwhile, the aluminum material is easier to recycle and reuse. Ultra-comprehensive cost advantage, which decided it to be the best choice for aluminum automotive lightweight applications and traffic aluminum..

Huge market for automotive aluminum

Aluminum’s main applications in the new energy automotive are body parts, wheels, chassis, bumper beams, flooring, power battery, motor drive / transmission assembly and the seat. Among them, the body including the production of high performance aluminum body frame and the use of high-precision aluminum production of skin and doors. Alloy wheels mainly cast aluminum wheels and forged aluminum wheels. Chassis includes aluminum structural parts and aluminum forgings. Bumper beams made mainly by the profile. Lithium-ion batteries including battery cathode foil, aluminum and battery aluminum battery tray and traffic aluminum.

The rapid development of new energy vehicles, aluminum will promote a wide range of applications in the automotive field. How to seize this historic opportunity for development, further strengthen communication and interaction and the automotive industry, the automotive industry to listen to the most authentic voices and demand, we developed a high-performance, applicability or aluminum deep processing of aluminum parts and traffic aluminum, with China's new energy automotive industry to maintain coordinated development, achieve win-win situation, which is the focus of China 2016 exhibition aluminum transportation concerns.

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