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The Application Prospect of Aluminum Packing and Medicine Packaging of Aluminum Foil


Aluminum packing is the broadest filed of using aluminum foil in china. With the development of industry, it promotes the consumption of aluminum packing greatly. What’s more, with the government’s requirement of developing a low carbon economy, we have a strong requirement to High performance aluminum foil. Nowadays, China has been the third large packing country after American and Japan. The next few years, aluminum packing growth will have even greater increases in china.

At present, the aluminum packing of medicinal aluminum foil account about 71400 tons and the development of medicinal aluminum foil will be faster than the development of medical supplies manufacturing. Comparing with the developed countries, the proportion of aluminum packing in the field of pharmaceutical packaging in China estimated increase 2% per year and this year, the aluminum packingdemand growth will reach 30.9% this year. We can approximately regard the medicinal aluminum foil demand growth. We will it approximate think this year the demand of medicinal aluminum foil is 93400 tons.

The aluminum foils the main product of aluminum packing. Aluminum packing is resistance to oxidation very well. There is an oxidation film on the surface of the aluminum foil to prevent the aluminum foil from Oxygen. Aluminum packing has good corrosion resistance has good corrosion resistance, so as to ensure the integrity of the drug. We can draw a conclusion that the aluminum foil is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging supplies at present.

There is another further advantage of using aluminum foil for drug packaging. By choosing drug particles one by one between each other and make sure the drug particles using independent packaging. When you open one of the drug particles, you can only take one without influence other drug particles, so that we can make sure the drug particles good efficacy of the drug. The aluminum packing after composite, printing, coating, it also can be widely applied in all kinds of medicine capsule, tablet, granule packing. With the wild use of the aluminum packing, it brings us a lot of convenient to our life.

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