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What are the Type of Transformer Aluminum Foil and the Manufacturers of Transformer Aluminum Foil?


Transformer aluminum foil is the aluminum foil which is used in the transformer. Among the productions of aluminum plates of Henan Mingtai al. industrial co., ltd, the aluminum foil used for transformer is mainly 1 and 3 series products. Due to the character of the aluminum thermal conductivity, such as the lightweight, formability, protective, save resources, recycling, health and safety etc. all makes its application in food electronic appliances and transformers very broad. What kind of types the transformer aluminum foilhas in our life?

Transformer aluminum foil is one of the most important materials of transformer winding manufacturing, which influences the quality of the transformer directly. First of all, let us learn what the transformer is. Transformer consists four parts which are winding and iron core, fuel tanks and insulating casing. The main part is winding and iron core (body), winding is the electric circuit of transformer and iron core is the magnetic circuit of transformer. The two forms the core of transformer - electromagnetic part.

Transformer aluminum foil and strips is generally selected 1060, 1070 and 3003 aluminum plate to be the material, which are belong to the conventional series among the aluminum family. 1 and 3 series belong to the ordinary aluminum plate, and the aluminum foil with the thickness between 0.02 and 0.055 mm are used for transformer. As transformer aluminum foil process is a single and with relatively mature technology, it has the advantage of price relative to the 5 and 6 series products. Generally 5 and 6 series products belong to high-end products with the complex production process, high quality of the product, good elongation and tensile strength, the transformer aluminum foil can completely satisfy the requirement of the conventional processing (stamping, stretch).

Henan Mingtai al. industrial co.,ltd is the professional enterprise to produce the transformer aluminum foil. Henan Mingtai al. industrial co., ltd owns the advanced production technology of producing transformer aluminum foil material. By bringing in introduction of advanced equipment, Mingtai al. industrial co., ltd master the core of the transformer aluminum foil production technology.

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