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Various Application of Aluminum Foil 8021


Alloy 8021 aluminum foilhas been used for packaging industry since the middle century. Mingtai supplys 8021 aluminum foil as one of raw materials for packaging foil. Superior characteristics like bright, tightness, and safety can be found in aluminum foil 8021. As one of popular foil in 8000 alloys, 8021 aluminum foil has one side of matt and other side of bright to well applied in various kind of packaging fields like container foil, food packaging foil, pharmaceutical foil as well as household foil. 8021 keeps features of plain surface. Aluminum alloy 8021 packaging foil can be composed with plastics for other field to improve the performance.

8021 Aluminum foil

8021 aluminum foil is one of the 8000 seires aluminum foil in aluminum foil family, which keep good performance like anti bacterial, safety as well as clean so that no defect can be found in this kind of aluminum alloy foil. On the other hand 8021 aluminum foil is also a kind of non-toxic packaging materials; it can be directly contacted with the food without harm to people’s health.

In addition, as one of non transparent packaging materials, aluminum alloy 8021 aluminum foil can effectively avoid the sun exposure of the product so that widely seed in supermarket and other place. It is a good packaging material. Mingtai take a strict process regulation in aluminum foil production process. For household foil, aluminum foil is extencsively used for wrapping potato, sausage, pork and other food. Both sides of this aluminum foil can be wrapped food.

Mingtai supply 8021 aluminum foil with the thickness of over 0.018, the thickness below it is also acceptable but should in a good quantity. Aluminum container foil is widely appeared in our daily life. Mail aluminum foil products in Mingtai Al. are food foil, packaging foil, pharmaceutical foil and household foil. The width of over 100 mm is all acceptable. For the foil under the width of 100mm, the customers should process into the small size that they need by them self. Beside form aluminum foil, Mingtai can also supply aluminum sheet, aluminum plate, aluminum coil as well as coated aluminum sheet. We export our products into overseas directly.

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