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The Presentation of Anodized Aluminum Plate


· Anodized aluminum oxide is a way of oxidation, refers to the electrochemical oxidation of metal or alloy, aluminum alloys in the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions, under the action of impressed current, A layer of oxide film forms gradually on the aluminum products surface (anode).In a given anodic oxidation condition, a hard anodic oxidation film can be obtained on the surface of anodized aluminum plate with an excellent anticorrosion. Anodic oxidation in the anodized aluminum plate can not only solve the aluminum surface hardness and wear resistance.

· Anodized aluminum plate can prolong the service life of the aluminum sheet and also makes the aluminum surface more beautiful. Anodic oxidation has become an indispensable part of aluminum surface treatment, and also the most widely used and the best one. When we noted that the market began feeling more and more metal materials or metal household items, we cannot help sent wonderment. More and more metal materials used in all kind of production, means that the metals material more can reflect the product quality and highlight the brand value.

· In the numerous metals material, because of aluminum alloy can be easy processing, good visual effect, the surface treatment method is rich, so anodized aluminum plate adopted by the manufacturer firstly. Henan Ming-tai aluminum Industrial Co., Ltd. in anodized aluminum plate with advanced production technology, Non- reversible four-roll rolling mill, control panel quality. Nearly all rolling mills are fitted with work roll bending equipment. To be able to adjust roll crown quickly, also can change the roll contact pressure distribution between, this processing can achieve the aim of control board. The products are of high quality and sell well on both domestic and overseas markets. The quality of the products is high, High precision, not deformation. Production range: thickness 0.6mm-12mm, width 850mm-1700mm. Henan Ming-tai aluminum industrial as a aluminum fabrication enterprise in domestic profession, quality products are enhanced by a continual program of product and service development, we will be duty-bound to promoting the Chinese aluminum industry and the development of aluminum industry.

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