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Lithium-ion Battery with Aluminum Foil Specifications and Performance Analysis


Lithium-ion battery with aluminum foil, which shorted with battery foil, commonly used in lithium-ion battery collector, under normal circumstances, the lithium-ion battery manufacturers mostly use rolling aluminum foil as a positive electrode current collector. Lithium-ion battery foil with a thickness of 10-50 micron range, conventional lithium-ion battery aluminum foil with 1 Series and 3 Series-based alloy grades 1060,1050,1235 and 3003 mainly include aluminum foil, an alloy with O temper and H temper based.

Why does the battery foil can be use aluminum instead of copper? Both copper and aluminum foil can be used as collector, if the negative aluminum foil do so, due to the chemical properties of aluminum lively, when the battery discharge will give priority to consumption of aluminum foil, so will damage the battery and reduce battery life. And if the aluminum foil as battery cathode, then you can protect the lithium ionbattery foil.

A recent study found that the lithium-ion battery foil industry, used by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery cathode current collector of aluminum (Al) alloy foil surface is etched, roughening treatment, can improve the charge-discharge characteristics of the battery. After adhesion surface roughening treated aluminum foil and the active material compared to the aluminum foil surface-treated without making the charge and discharge characteristics of the battery are significantly improved. Therefore, lithium-ion batteries used in hybrid and electric cars aluminum foil rechargeable batteries and other areas will have an important role.

Aluminum battery foil having a thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and mechanical strength, there are 10 sets of Alpha Aluminum foil rolling mill, with an annual output more than 50,000 tons of aluminum foil, produced lithium-ion battery with aluminum foil, with a line through the plate-type roller and Siemens control imported high-precision mill system, the surface color uniform, clean, smooth plate, no roll marks, pitting, pinholes, traces of corrosion in a lithium-ion battery manufacturing industry has been the major manufacturers of praise. Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou Mingtai Industry Co., Ltd supplied aluminum battery foil with the thickness of over 0.018 mm and customized with and diameter.

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