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Applications & Properties of 3004 Aluminium Sheet and Coil


Mingtai Aluminum is one of the largest 3004 aluminum sheet manufacturer in China, and China’s leading 3004 Aluminium Sheet supplier and export with several mills located in Zhengzhou and Gongyi, Henan Province, China.

3004 aluminum sheet and coil, as one of the 3-series hot-rolled products of Mingtai Aluminum, can be applied to cans of tanks. Mingtai’s 3004 aluminum sheet and coil have the properties of good color performance, stamping elongation, strength and other characteristics . We have supplied 3004 aluminum sheet and coil for some well-known domestic enterprises such as tea drink producer Wong Lo Kat and Tsingtao Beer in China, and have been recognized by the customers.

3004 aluminum sheet and coil could be used for magnesium manganese roof as color-coated or color-printed coil, manifested nature, the surface clean, no oil, no black spots, no stick marks, no pitting, stable performance, surface color and bright, good color performance, corrosion stability, formability, decorative and strong. 3003 color coated aluminum coil can be used as shopping malls, playgrounds, villas and some special circumstances of roof insulation decorative purposes. In addition, the 3004 can be used for aluminum lamp parts, product performance and stability, tensile and strong, not easy to break, high product formability, high molding performance, do not waste, advantage is obvious. It can also be used for some exterior parts, storage tanks, high-temperature trays, containers and the like pressure cookers.

Applications of 3004 aluminum sheet and coil is very widely. Because of its stable performance, high strength, can be oxidized, coloring and good resistance to punching, high elongation strength, resistance to cracking and other properties, 3004 aluminum sheet and coil has been recognized by the market. As the price of 3004 aluminum sheet and coil is lower than the 5-Series product prices, the market is even more widespread use, some special industries must use 3004 aluminum volume, it makes 3004 aluminum as aluminum products is an essential irreplaceable product. Most use aluminum sheet aluminum volume of business and recognition prefer mature products, a place in the market. As Alpha quality products, can be recognized by the market, sent out a 3004 aluminum products, almost no return, no customer complaints, which is the reason why Mingtais’s 3004 aluminum sheet and coil products are very recognized.

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