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6016 Alloy Aluminum Sheet Used in The Automotive Industry


In recent years, 6016 alloy aluminum plates for body of automobile body panels have been more widespread applied in industry field. In order to make 6016 alloy aluminum with good press formability and sufficient end-use intensity, Mingtai Al. equipped with cold rolled mill to ensure that aluminum alloy 6016 have a final thickness after solution treatment. So that the aluminum alloy sheet have lower yield strength and is conducive to press molding. All these aluminum alloy sheet is can be used to press molding, and produce aging strengthening process in the subsequent baking.

6016 Alloy Aluminum Sheet Used in The Automotive Industry


Since the solution treatment temperature is usually higher than 520 degrees, the 6016 alloy aluminum will quickly formed into a recrystallization and recrystallization structure. This solution plays a crucial role in dealing with the formation of recrystallization texture of 6016 aluminum alloy. 6061 alloy aluminum have good formability after forming. On the other hand, the number, size and performance of the second phase particles take a great effect on recrystallization and texture configuration of aluminum alloy. The first is the large size of the second phase particles will promote the nucleation of recrystallization, thus accelerating the recrystallization process, followed by different sizes of particles of different nature so that the mechanism is different recrystallization and cause recrystallization texture configuration significantly different.

6016 alloy aluminum cast organization has distributed more complex compounds in the grain boundaries. In the subsequent rolling process fragmentation there was distributed with mass of particulate matrix. In addition there is in the hot rolling and subsequent cooling process finely dispersed precipitates needle MgSi. This makes the 6016 aluminum alloy recrystallization texture of factors more complex configuration.

6016 aluminum alloy also has many defects, difficult process, batch stability is extremely difficult to control, strength to be further improved, but the 6016 alloy aluminum plate is an idea metal for automotive materials, the future of 6061 aluminum alloy is promising. All aluminum alloy 6061 plate and sheet are available from Mingtai Aluminum. We can provide qualified aluminum sheet and plate with the thickens of 0.3-600mm. the plate which is thicker than 8 mm is also called thick plate.

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