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Applications of 3104 Aluminum Sheet in Construction Field


The density of 3104 aluminum sheet is 2.73g, and Mn of 0.9% - 1.5% is the main content in 3104 aluminum sheet. Other elements of 3104 aluminum sheet includes o.5% of Si, 0.7% of Fe, 0.1% of Cu, 0.3% of Mg, 0.1% of Cr, 0.15% of other total, and the balance is Al. The max tensile strength is 275 MPa, and the max elongation of 3104 aluminum sheet is 20%. Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. can provide 3104 aluminum sheet with tempers of H14, H16, H18, H38, H111 and others. The thickness is from 0.01mm-600mm and max length of 16,000mm. So our products can satisfy different demands from customers.

Applications of 3104 Aluminum Sheet in Construction Field


3104 aluminum sheet has proper elongation, good resistance to correction as well as good weld-ability. 3104 aluminum sheet can be processed into different tempers/hardness according to different demands. For its features, 3104 aluminum sheet has a vast application, such as construction field, cans packaging field, electronic field, etc. After combining some different elements together, processing and heat treatment, 3104 aluminum sheet can reach high strength. Besides, a layer of oxygen can be formed on the surface to protect it from correction. Beautiful appearance makes3104 aluminum sheet is high suitable for construction applications. 3104 aluminum sheet can be processed by polishing, painting and other technologies. Here we can get to know, 3104 aluminum sheet has good weld-ability and process-ability. Moreover, it has good conductivity.

3104 aluminum sheet has a vast application in construction field, such as roofing, exterior and interior materials. Meanwhile, 3104 aluminum sheet play an important role in comfortable, lightweight, economic, environment friendly and others respects. If 3104 aluminum sheet is painted or coated, vivid colors are available. Thus, it is wise choice to use as decoration. For all the features above, 3104 aluminum sheet has long life span up to 50 years, and it can be applied to airport buildings, aircraft maintenance base, stations, public service buildings, shopping malls, residential buildings, etc. 3104 aluminum sheet of Mingtai Al. can not only be processed into bare aluminum sheet, but also can be painted with PE and PVDF to satisfy different demands from customers. What’s more, factory price and fast delivery are available in Mintai Al.

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