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The Important Position of Aluminum in Industrial Production


With the development of human science and technology, the application of single metal already cannot satisfy diversified mode of production, in addition to metallic iron, as one of the leading metal aluminum, always plays an important role in the production practice.

Although aluminum as reserves most metallic elements on the earth, the earth's crust is second only to oxygen and silicon, in the more capacity than iron, however, people aluminium than ironmaking much later, this is because the chemical properties of aluminum than iron and lively, not easy to restore, so from the ore smelting aluminum is more difficult.Chemistry history records, according to the world of aluminum is only in 1825 by the British chemist David.Because of this, aluminum has always been known as the "young metal"

"Into me, hurt me," although aluminum light, malleable, super plasticity, seemingly can be applied to many aspects, but its chemical properties and features, its application in production is become a big problem to stand heel, this time, the aluminum alloy application, its product is in the process of casting of aluminum, according to different proportion and demand, respectively into silicon, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, chromium, zinc, titanium, etc., made of metal.

China is engaged in the aluminum alloy casting by many companies, large less, located in the henan gongyi, henan ming-tai aluminum industry co., LTD. (stock code: 601677), as one of ten big domestic aluminum processing enterprises, the production, product and technology has been in the domestic advanced level, research and development and production department to bear in mind that "science and technology is the first productive force" the theory, knowledge and technology, relying on scientific and technological progress and scientific and technological innovation, make product quality is steady development, new highs.Elite team of Marketing Department in guided by the policy of "priority to the development of aluminium, high-grade product sales booming, similar enterprises difficult to nearly as well.

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