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Characteristics and Applications of Pure Aluminum Sheet


Form the definition, we can see the pure aluminum contains more aluminum elements than other alloys (like the series of 1-8 aluminum), the aluminum content of pure aluminum is the highest, generally can reach more than 99% pure aluminum to aluminum 1-series-based, including 1050,1060,1100, commonly used temper are H14, H18, H24, etc. The strength of aluminum can be changed by adding some other alloying elements because the density of pure aluminum is relatively small, close 2700kg / m³, the strength is not high, and further enhance the heat treatment, can change its strength. However, due to pure aluminum without other elements, the production process is relatively simple, its price is relatively cheap, is currently the most commonly used conventional industry.

The main characteristics of pure aluminum includes the following aspects:

1. Pure aluminum owns easy processing, plasticity advantages and can be rolled into a sheet or foil, and may be extruded into a variety of complex cross-section profiles, commonly used in machine.

2. Pure aluminum has good performance of aluminum thermal conductivity, so commonly used in the lighting equipment, radiators, accessories, chemical industry vessels, heat exchanger assembly.

3. Good reflective properties of pure aluminum, polished aluminum surface more than a reflection of the white rate of 80%, the higher purity, higher reflectivity. Meanwhile, aluminum infrared, ultraviolet, electromagnetic, thermal radiation and so has a good reflection properties.

4. pure aluminum surface is silver-white luster, you can get a high finish after mechanical processing, so the appearance is very beautiful, but also can be used as decorative processing.

Pure aluminum sheet is widely used in industrial aluminum market, it is used as electrician aluminum, such as wires, cables, electronic parts, coolers and other chemical equipment; it also can be used as food and medicine packing; for roof, ceiling, sound absorption in buildings and insulation materials, and household appliances, utensils. Henan Mingtai excellent reputation, excellent product quaity to our customers trusted.

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