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The Repaid Development Road of Aluminum Alloy Used for Car body


Aluminum alloy used for car body is a product of automobile lightweight development. The large number of domestic aluminum enterprises, uneven size, and due to the rapid development of the real estate industry in the past, most of the production of aluminum and aluminum construction is related to low-quality aluminum strip. aluminum alloy used for car body’s processing has promising market, you need a long time to accumulate funds, equipment, technology. Currently, only a small number of leading companies can produce, many small businesses has no ability to take full advantage of aluminum alloy used for car body

Aluminum alloy used for car body is developing faster and faster after several years of experience. In 2015 the entire aluminum car body market ushered in the explosive development, and in Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. (1 + 1) 3300mm hot strip rolling production line in operation, just to meet the market for aluminum car body’s requirements, it has the advantage of reducing welding seam requirements. In the economic downturn of the market environment, the aluminum car body industry is in a rising trend of development, the Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. has a high-quality management team, a strong technical quality control department, Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co. ,is applying national standards laboratories, aluminum alloy used for car body is Mingtai’s competitive products, product will meet all aspects of the aluminum car body market with growing needs of the aluminum plate.

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