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Mingtai 3003 Aluminum Coil and Sheet


Zhengzhou Mingtai Industry Co., Ltd, subsidiary of Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Co., Ltd., is a renowned public aluminum sheet manufacturer and aluminum coil manufacturer of China, we are mainly in business of aluminum sheet, aluminum palte, aluminum foil and aluminum coil. 3003 Aluminum Coil is one of our hot sales products. The international business department has a professional team with 18 years of overseas business experience. The types of aluminum 3003 can be divided into painted aluminum sheet/coil, bare aluminum sheet /coil; mill finished aluminum sheet/coil as well as Tread plate 3003. 3003 Aluminum Coil is certificated with ASTM standards B209, B210, B211, B221, B483, B491, and B547.

The thickness of 3003 aluminum coil covers 0.2-4.5mm. We shipped out our aluminum sheet, plate, coil and foil into overseas through Tianjin and Qingdao ports, which are also two major coastal port of China. Mingtai 3003 aluminum sheet, plate and coil as while its tempers are coverd by ISO standard 6361 and the ASTM standards. The commonly used tempers of 3003 aluminum coil and sheet are H14 and O tempers. Mingtai Al. has a wide range of sizes available to the AMS 4006 for O temper, AMS 4008 for H14. Customized range from 0.2-4.5 mm. H14 is a softer, more formable aluminum coil. Other tempers or specifications are available.

Customized sizes range from 0.2mm – 4.5mm x specific wide and length by customized demands. Aluminum alloy 3003 coil is stronger than 1100 alloy. The AL 3003 is considered as having good mach inability for the aluminum alloys. Like most other aluminium-manganese alloys, 3003 is a general-purpose alloy with excellent weldability, formability and good corrosion resistance. 3003 aluminum coil is commonly rolled and extruded as aluminum sheet and foils which in different applications such as roofing, cooking utensils, pressure vessels, garage doors, refrigerator panels, gasoline tanks, heat exchanger, storage tanks. Aluminum 3003 is supply by Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Co., Ltd. generally sell large quantities, with delivery times anywhere from 20-30 days depending on size and form required. Customized sizes range from 0.2mm – 4.5mm x specific wide and length by customized demands.

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