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Aluminum Foil and Its Transportation


Aluminium is a metal with strong activity, so long-term exposure to the natural environment will make the aluminium oxidized, then we need try to make the aluminum foil avoid being affected with damp. The finished aluminium foil is very soft and easy to take place plastic deformation, so even slight collision or stroke, or pressure can make the aluminium foil deformed, which will make the use of performance degrade. Serious collision or stroke, or pressure may cause the aluminium foil scrap, so the aluminium foil need placed in the air or placed on the level of the soft surface. The cases contained with aluminium foil cannot be tilted or inverted handling. The aluminium foil can only be lifting in horizontal line, not inclined or vertical movement.

Aluminum Foil and Its Transportation


In the course of carriage, it is not allowed to put and transport the aluminium foil with active chemical products and wet materials, at the same time should maintain the car and the ship dry, clean and no pollution. For the carriage of aluminium foil, it is better to choose the enclosed compartment or shipping vessel. To choose the bus without roof is also ok, but must cover the aluminium foil with use tarpaulin which can proof rain and snow in the process of transportation, and need to make the tarpaulin cover tightly and bound to ensure that packing and aluminum foil products will not enter the water, rain and snow.

When transit shift occurs, it is better to store the aluminium foil in warehouses. If the aluminium foil needs to be stored in simple warehouse or in the open air, it must be covered with tarpaulin which can proof rain and snow and need to make the tarpaulin cover tightly and bound. At the same time, he cases in the bottom need to block up, and the padding should be not less than 100 mm. For the packing cases and tic-tac-toe frame aluminium foil roll, when lift or loading and unloading, it need to take or put down very gently, so as not to damage the packing and the aluminum foil.

Mingtai Al. takes care of the packing and transportation of aluminium foil products very seriously. We will adopt eye to wall or in cases or dangling box packaging, etc. according to the different requirements of customers and transportation distance. The drivers also need strict training, to prevent unnecessary damage in transit.

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