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The Electroplating Technology of the Aluminum Sheet


In the past, there had been silver-plated parts after not timely packaged and sealed, placed in an electroplating plant in a long time and cause yellowing silver coating. But after the failure of parts silver, were promptly packed and stored in a dry vessel, showing that this is not affected by plant air atmosphere. In the painting process, the discovery atop the painting process, there have been a record rework the entire batch. The most important reason is that the gap is not blocked, so that the mist entered, and attached to the surface of the silver coating can not be removed. To prevent such a failure occurs, the process is recommended gap sealed with 3M tape to prevent paint mist from entering.

On aluminum plating process, first of all, there may be a plating production processes changed, resulting in the failure to produce. But the survey found that, in the case of the production conditions have not changed that,similar to the same period in the processing of parts did not show such a failure. Therefore, excluding the factor of plating conditions change. Based on past experience, lead to discoloration of silver pieces most common reason for the effect of sulfur on the silver-plated layer.

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