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The Aluminium Sheet Demand of North American will steadily in 2015


On February 23, according to the aluminum association of North America, the report says, the United States and Canada in 2014 aluminum demand increased 5% to 25.5 billion pounds, its highest since 2006.At the same time, the association expects demand in 2015 will remain stable growth.The market of aluminum sheet in north America is very huge.

Association, according to data from 2014 rolling aluminium product shipments increased 4.5% in North America and rolling aluminum products of new orders is increased by 3.9%, primary aluminum production years minus 7.1%, yield is decreased by 4% in January;2014 recycling aluminum production increased by 3.9%, in January this year the yield is increased by 3%.2014 north American aluminum imports increased 20.2% to 5.5 billion pounds, exports is decreased by 6.8% to 7.4 billion pounds.

Association pointed out that, according to a investment plan has announced in the next decade of north American car of the aluminum plate production capacity will be increased more than 2 billion pounds.

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