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Pattern Aluminum Plate Manufacturers to Introduce Five Reinforcement Pattern Plate for You


Pattern aluminum plate species diversity, often dazzling when the choose and buy.Pattern aluminum plate according to the types of decorative pattern, can be divided into one, two, three, four, five, they are the main functions of antiskid.Today is mainly to introduce the five reinforcement under an overview of the pattern plate.

Five reinforcement pattern aluminum plate, also called LiuYeXing pattern plate, decorative pattern aluminum plate.Have good ability of antiskid, and is widely used in architecture (floor) platform design, etc.Because the pattern on the surface of the aluminum sheet is in accordance with article 5 the relative parallel arrangement of concave and convex decorative pattern and each pattern and other patterns between 60-80 degrees Angle, so this kind of pattern has excellent antiskid performance.Domestic usually adopt the aluminum plate as a non-slip and use, with good prevent slippery effect.

Five reinforcement compared with other aluminum plate, decorative pattern plate has better anti-slip function, especially in some public places or more widely applied on vehicles.Five reinforcement pattern plate according to the length of the pattern can be divided into big five reinforcement and small five steel checkered plate.

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