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Introduction of Common Aluminum Sheet Species and Main use Analysis


1,Introduction of aluminum veneer

Aluminum veneer generally refers to the aluminum sheet  thickness above 1.5 mm.

Based on the material of aluminum sheet is made of high quality aluminum alloy panels, advanced CNC bending technology, ensure smooth deformation plate after processing, during the installation process of the external force super performance, surface colour and lustre is uniform, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, oxidation resistance, strong corrosion resistance.

Aluminum veneer use building curtain wall column, beam, advertising signs, balcony, clapboard package ACTS the role of, outdoor decoration, vehicles, furniture, exhibition, instrument shell, metro shipping tools etc.

2, Introduction of  aluminous gusset plate

Smallpox of aluminous gusset plate is generally refers to the aluminum sheet thickness below 1.2 mm.

The crux of the aluminous gusset plate does not lie in thickness, but in materials, household sheet 0.6 MM is ok, because aluminous gusset plate does not span problems like plastic sheet, select the key on the board of elasticity and toughness, followed by surface treatment.

3, Introduction of  aluminum material 

Lu: su composite panels is treated with chemical coating of aluminum sheet surface material, with polyethylene plastic as the core material, processed on special aluminous model board production equipment of composite materials.

Aluminum material itself has unique properties, determines its widely used: it can be used for building exterior wall, curtain wall plate, old building renovation renovation, interior wall and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, display stand, purify dust prevention engineering.Lu: su composite panels have been extensively used in China, belongs to a new type of building decoration materials.

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