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Orange Peel of Aluminum Plate


In recent years as refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioning refrigeration industry, the development of a technique called orange aluminum products also caught the attention of the market, the orange peel aluminum plate to the orange peel pattern plate, is a kind of decorative pattern aluminum plate, also known as orange peel embossed aluminum sheet, this kind of aluminum plate for shaped like orange peel the name.Orange Peel of Aluminum Plate

The aluminum plate and different types of orange peel decorative pattern, mainly for the classic orange peel orange peel pattern aluminum plate and mutation pattern aluminum plate.Air conditioning refrigerators refrigeration industry for orange peel pattern aluminum plate application requirements, the largest in some packaging are used.Refrigeration equipment commonly used orange pattern aluminum plate, the thickness from 0.3 MM to 1.5 MM, width 800-1200 - MM commonly, can according to customer needs to make you of the specifications of the need.

Use orange peel of the decorative pattern on the market of aluminum alloy grades generally used 1060 or 3003, different alloy grades have different advantages, 3003 has a better anticorrosion performance, customer can call ming-tai aluminum, if necessary we will recommend you according to your actual demand for suitable for your aluminum products.Welcome to visit.

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