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Introduction of 6063 Aluminum Sheet


6063 aluminum sheet is widely used in Building aluminum Windows and doors, curtain wall framework, in order to keep the doors and Windows, curtain walls with high wind pressure resistance, assembling performance, corrosion resistance, and decorative performance, the requirement of the comprehensive performance of aluminium alloy profile is much higher than standard industrial profiles.

6063 Aluminum sheet

Introduction of 6063 aluminum sheet

(1) 6063 aluminum sheet ,the strength is lower than 6061, extrusion, can make the shape of cross section shape of complex material, corrosion resistance and surface process are preferred.

(2) aluminum sheet is one of the low alloying Al - Mg - Si high plastic alloy.

Range of application

Provisions in the national standard GB/T3190, within the limits of 6063 aluminum alloy composition of chemical composition of the different values, will get different material properties, when the chemical composition range is very big, the performance difference will fluctuation in large scale, so that the comprehensive performance of profile will be unable to control.Therefore, optimizing the chemical composition of 6063 aluminum alloy production of high quality aluminum alloy construction profiles become the most important one annulus.The effect of alloying elements and its effect on the performance of 6063 aluminum alloy is AL - Mg - in the Si system with moderate heat treatment strengthening alloy, Mg and Si is the main alloy elements, optimizing chemical composition of the main work is to determine the percentage content of Mg and Si

Chemical composition

Aluminum Al: margin Si Si: 0.20 ~ 0.60 copper Cu: 0.10 Mg Mg: 0.45 ~ 0.9

Manganese zinc zinc: 0.10 Mn: Ti Ti 0.10:0.10 chromium Cr: iron Fe 0.10:0.35

Individual: a total of 0.05:0.15

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