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How to Clean the Aluminum Sheet


Rinse with plenty of water from the surface of the plate to start, use wipe board impregnated with detergent diluted with water, soft cloth gently.

How to Clean the Aluminum Sheet

Plenty of water and then rinse the plate surface, the dirt away, check the board for no clean place to wash with detergent focus. Rinse with water board, until all the detergent to wash away.

Do not wash the hot plate surface, the temperature more than 40 degrees, the evaporation of water will be too harmful to the plate surface paint. Be sure to note that the appropriate choice of detergent is best to use a neutral detergent, do not use strong alkaline detergent, usually some potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate, strongly acidic detergents, abrasive detergent and paint detergent solubility.

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