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Who is the leading color aluminum sheet manufacturer in China?


Color aluminum sheet, also named as coated aluminum sheet, refers to bare aluminum sheet covered with a layer of PE or PVDF coating. Major color aluminum sheet includes PE coated aluminum sheet and PVDF coated aluminum sheet. Excellent properties, such as stable performance, corrosion resistance, make our products durable for over 10 years. Some special processed color aluminum sheet is available with 30 years quality guarantee.

Who is the leading color aluminum sheet manufacturer in China?

Who is the leading color aluminum sheet manufacturer in China?

According to different alloys, aluminum can be divided into 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series and etc. based on colors, coated aluminum sheet are various. Blue, red and white are popular decoration color for coated aluminum sheet. In china, there are numerous aluminum manufacturers where spread in 3 major provinces of this country. Which one is most reliable for you. Let me introduce Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Co., Ltd for you.

We are a public company with monthly output of 40,000 tons. We are located in Gongyi City, the aluminum industry cluster area of China. Mingtai Al., established in 1997, is top 10 aluminum producer. Aiming at turning Mingtaif Aluminum into a world–class color aluminum sheet processing enterprise, we’ll continue to adhere to the strategic policy of scientific development and carry forward the “Unity, Endeavor, Objectivity, and Innovation” spirit of enterprise to work hard and reform to be stronger on the new journey.

1. Comprehensive strength of Mingtai Aluminum

The strong enterprise can ensure high quality of products. Excellent achievement of Mingtai AL. attribute to our professional team and excellent employees.

2. Products quality

We have advanced rolled coated production line to ensure bright and uniform color of these sheets. The color aluminum sheet is characterized with good corrosion resistance so that become the best sale products in our company. The coated aluminum sheets renowned from both domestic and overseas market.

3. Fast delivery and excellent after sales service

As a leading private enterprise of china, Mingtai Al. equipped with powerful logistics systems. We can export aluminum sheet, aluminum plate, aluminum coil and aluminum foil into oversea.

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