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Aluminum Coil Transport Storage


With the improvement of technology, enterprises in aluminum coil processing technology also improves, aluminum coil is made ??by casting machine after rolling, when we in the transport process, not the aluminum coil and chemicals mixing device, and to ensure car clean and dry, so no pollution.

Aluminum coil best mode of transport and other enclosed compartment can be used for transportation or cabin way, you can also use gondola shipment in transit when the need to pay attention to check whether the bundle of goods firm, good waterproof and other measures to ensure that rainwater went into the compartment do not come. When the need to remove the goods, should be stored in the warehouse, if the existence of the open-air warehouse then they would do a series of protective measures, and while we are loading and unloading time to gently, so as not to damage the aluminum coil box .

In the aluminum coil handling process, be careful to protect simultaneously handling and storage methods must correctly grasp the attention corner protection, aluminum coil ideal venue parked in formation, handling process should be stacked surface and surface transportation, prohibit single person handling Note corner protection. avoid friction in the process of handling, the impact of the appearance of aluminum coil, thus affecting the decorative effect. Storage place to keep ventilation and dry, not on a wet, dark place. If this is the case is placed in the open air, it should be covered to prevent rain and snow from corrosion, stored in ventilated, dry place, avoid sunlight direct.

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