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Introduction of 5052 Aluminum Sheet


5052 aluminum sheet belongs to AL-Mg wrought family with excellent resistance to correction. The main element is Mg with a content of 2.2%-2.8%. other elements include 0.25% of Si, 0.10% of Cu, 0.10% of Zn, 0.10% of Mn, 0.15% -0.35% of Cr, 0.4% of Fe, and the balance is aluminum. These are national standards, and all of them above can be achieved in Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. Generally speaking, 5052 aluminum sheet can be processed into many different stations, such as aluminum sheet, aluminum coil, aluminum sheet for temperature keeping aluminum sheet for anti-slippery, as well as aluminum tread plate.

5052 Aluminum sheet

Products above have different thicknesses for different applications. The minimum thickness of 5052 aluminum sheet is 0.15mm. Aluminum coil can be a little thinner, which is 0.05mm – 15mm. Besides, 5052 aluminum sheet for temperature keeping is usually from 0.3mm – 0.9mm while that of anti-slippery sheet. What’s more, the generally thickness of 5052 aluminum tread plate is from 0.1mm to 0.9mm. 5052 aluminum sheet and coil of Mingtai Al. has a pretty wide range of thickness (0.01 to 600mm) and width.

5052 aluminum sheet has high strength and good resistance to correction and fatigue. 5052 aluminum sheet has good resistance to correction, welding ability, cold working and middle strength, so it has vast applications, especially in construction field. Besides, 5052 aluminum sheet can also be used to manufacture plane fuel tank, oil tube, vehicles, sheet metal components, electronic shells, GIS, can lid, etc. Moreover, 5052 aluminum sheet can also be coated easily with varieties colors. So using in construction field, it can not only has decoration function but also practical function.

5052 aluminum sheet of Mingtai Al. has over 18 years experience in aluminum deep processing, and ranks top three manufacturers in China. International advanced equipments and production lines can guarantee short production cycle and high quality products. With an annual production of 650,000 tons, products of Mingtai Al. are sold well in many countries all over the world and Mingtai Al. has won good praise among customers. Besides, we have built long term cooperation with many famous enterprises, such as Huawei, Samsung, etc.

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