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Ming Tai aluminum: 5083 aluminum plate to become the main stream market demand


With the development of the Internet industry, international trade, e-commerce continues to increase, China's shipping industry presents the vigorous development of the state, a variety of large-scale ship manufacturers to gradually increase .For the demand of ship building materials Mingtai Aluminium tip: many previous ship are made of the steel plate, the current situation of 5083 aluminium plate for ship instead of the main products of steel ship plate, 5083 aluminum plate has light weight, corrosion resistance, long life and other characteristics, so 5083 aluminum plate is the world ship manufacturing enterprises to focus on the promotion of new products.

5083 Aluminum plate

5083 aluminum alloy is Al-Mg-Si, the use of a wide range of manufacturing ships and yachts, is one of the most promising alloy. 5083 aluminum plate used in ship building is mainly because of its unique properties of the alloy of the decision .Firstly, good corrosion resistance and welding excellent cold workability and has medium strength; Secondly, 5083 aluminium ship plate has good forming processing performance, corrosion resistance, weldability, moderate intensity; in addition, in aircraft fuel tank, tubing, and vehicle and vessel of sheet metal parts, instruments, lights frame and rivet, metal products, electrical appliances,5083 aluminum plate is also applied. Since then, with the accumulation of experience, the majority of enterprises adopt to improve the content and control of trace sodium homogenization process, the optimal selection method of rolling temperature and rolling process parameters, improve the hot crack problems. In the choice of temperature, through repeated testing, the alloy was the best, the tensile strength is relatively low, , can achieve the best match of strength and ductility.

Ming Tai aluminum developed a professional ship with 5083 aluminum alloy, in addition to 1+1 hot continuous rolling production line greatly enhance the production capacity of the ship's aluminum plate, shorten the delivery period. Not only that, the 5083 also won the Norway aluminum international classification certificate, product quality can be assured.

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