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Mingtai Aluminum 5083 aluminum alloy plate by the special car market favorable


5083 aluminum alloy plate is a variety of special vehicles in the aluminum of the main aluminum. 5083 aluminum alloy plate is an important product of 5 series aluminum-magnesium alloy, with good machinability and corrosion resistance, good welding performance. Therefore, in the special vehicle market widely used, such as common cement tankers, tankers, natural gas tankers, postal vehicles, urban cleaning vehicles.

5083 aluminum plate is an important product of the domestic aluminum market, due to the vigorous development of the special car market, and the promotion of all-aluminum level, 5083 aluminum alloy plate also has a great room for growth. To Mingtai Aluminum, Henan Province, for example, Mingtai Aluminum 5083 aluminum alloy plate with light weight, good rigidity and other characteristics, easy processing, manufacturers in accordance with the specifications required to customize the production, easy to install.

5083 Aluminum alloy plate

Ming Tai 5083 aluminum alloy plate of these advantages, so that the product in the special car market has attracted much attention, the current market, the level of all-aluminum car upgrade, Mingtai Aluminum 5083 aluminum plate sales are also rising. Mingtai Aluminum in Hebei, Hubei, Jiangsu and many other special vehicle cooperative enterprises are also actively follow the national policy to enhance the level of aluminum, in response to "energy saving, green development" policy call.

Mingtai Aluminum 5083 aluminum alloy plate in a special car, you can significantly reduce their weight, energy-saving effect is obvious, greatly enhance the performance to meet the needs of all-aluminum special vehicles, and promote the positive development of all-aluminum car.

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