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Mingtai aluminum to create high-quality aluminum foil production


Aluminum processing is an important product of China Nonferrous Metals industry. According to expert forecasts, aluminum processing and other metals industry, the domestic breakthrough in the future in the high-end manufacturing industry, and all new achievements, we must come from the reform. Slowdown in the development of the industry in the context of reform is particularly important. Who can adjust in time, who can timely transformation, we can break through the plight, to achieve leapfrog development, bring new life to the enterprise.

In a large number of aluminum foil enterprises in the aluminum industry is the largest aluminum foil production enterprises. From the establishment in 1997, to the successful listing in 2011, and then to the transformation of the high-end field, the development path of Gongyi aluminum, aluminum foil is a microcosm of the development of enterprises.

With the improvement of scientific research level and production technology, the production of aluminum foil has been in the international advanced level. Aluminum foil in the production of thickness, precision, stability, and so do better. The products are sold well in China and exported to more than and 40 countries and regions in the world. This is a demonstration of the development of Mingtai aluminum foil.

Mingtai food foil surface oil clean and shiny clean, usually used for food containers such as aluminum foil paper plate, can be placed directly on the fire baking and steaming, the food is heated evenly inside and outside not to burn into carbon, can maintain the original flavor of the food and beautiful luster, suitable for cooking, freezing, package baking, etc.. The aluminum foil has the characteristics of chemical corrosion resistance, no pollution, low impurity content and high density. It has a high market occupancy rate. Ming Thai medicine foil is widely used in the international pharmaceutical industry. With moisture-proof, impermeable, heat resistance, light resistance, high temperature sterilization, etc.

The aluminum foil products produced by Mingtai aluminum industry play a vital role in many fields with its unique characteristics and stable quality.

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