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Large automotive fuel tank market space, guarantee the quality of the Mingtai


With the rapid development of all kinds of new materials, the rusting of iron oil tank and the short period of use has become the most fatal problem of the quality of oil tank. Especially in the environmental protection today, the aluminum alloy fuel tank is not only able to meet the strength direction, but also has a great advantage in corrosion resistance than iron and other new materials. It has become a large passenger car, heavy truck fuel consumption of high fuel quality requirements. Aluminum fuel tank has accounted for more than 80% of heavy trucks, buses and multi-purpose vehicles, and is now rapidly occupied the tank market. It is also a development direction of fuel tank fittings.

Large automotive fuel tank market space, guarantee the quality of the Mingtai

Aluminum has good oxidation resistance, forming a layer of dense oxide film on the surface of the aluminum, aluminum and hindered the air outside contact, thus ensuring the aluminum is not oxidized, ensure the service life of the oil tank, not only that, aluminum has the advantages of light weight advantages, can reduce the weight of the car body, reduce exhaust emissions and in promoting the green environmental protection today, also known as the "green metal aluminum".

Automobile fuel tank material of Henan Mingtai aluminum production are 3003, 5052 and 5754 alloy, the company product quality is strictly audit two stages of Beijing SGS certification, and obtained the TS16949 certificate issued by SGS at the beginning of April 2014. This is an important symbol of the products entering the automobile market, but also provides favorable security products for the company to expand the market space.

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