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Migntai 5000 series marine aluminum plate


Aluminum alloy is the most important metal materials in the 21th century, especially from 1891, when is applied in shipbuilding plate. Then, after 100 years R&D, it has been widely applied in shipbuilding, yachting and other fields. With the requirement of the lightweight demand, marine aluminum plate is very suitable for shipbuilding material for its low density, high strength, corrosion resistance and easy machinability. And at the same time, the demand has been increasing extremely; the ship processing has been the key product in aluminum industry.

Mingtai aluminum

Mingtai Aluminum 5 Series marine aluminum products are mainly used for hull outer plate and other long-term contact with the sea parts of the plate. The main aluminum alloys includes 5083 aluminum alloy and 5086 aluminum alloy. Common status are divided into: H116 / H321 / O / H112. Specifications: thickness ≤ 30mm, width ≤ 2600mm, length ≤ 14000mm. Mingtai Aluminum 5 Series marine aluminum plate is in strict accordance with the marine aluminum plate production process: through the alloy inspection to determine the determination of casting optimization, homogenization of heat treatment and rolling processes and other processes, the quality of the technical testing department to ensure that all aspects of the user Demand, application prospects are extremely broad.

Mingtai Aluminum 5 series of marine aluminum plate have been past the rigorous testing, anti-peeling corrosion, intergranular corrosion and other tests, successfully authorized: DNV certification, CCS certification, SGS certification. Mingtai Aluminum 5 series of marine aluminum plate production will be on a new scale.

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