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Packaging in the aluminum foil



With the development of China's packaging industry, the development of packaging aluminum market has greatly boosted the consumption of aluminum foil industry. At present, China's annual demand for aluminum foil has reached more than 300 thousand tons, China has developed into the United States and Japan, second only to the packaging of the big third. The next few years, the growth rate of aluminum packaging will significantly exceed the growth rate of China's air conditioning and cable and other uses.

At present, China can consume 161 thousand and 300 tons of aluminum foil annually. China's aluminum foil market is the largest consumption of air-conditioning foil. Followed by cigarette foil, China is the world's largest cigarette production and consumption, cigarette packaging annual consumption of 35 thousand tons of cigarette foil, accounting for the total consumption of double zero foil of 60%. Three decorative foil, used in the construction industry for insulation, moisture and decorative materials, the current Chinese construction, home appliance industry has become a decorative foil application boom. Four is a cable foil, the use of aluminum foil sealing and shielding, used as a shield cable. More than 4 varieties of aluminum foil consumption accounted for more than 70% of China's total consumption of aluminum foil. Foil, electronic foil, automotive foil and flexible packaging foil is currently in China, although the consumption is not large, but the market growth is good, has become an important growth point of the aluminum foil market consumption.

Packaging in the aluminum foil

As the first brand of aluminum processing industry, the production of aluminum foil in line with national standards, to win customer satisfaction. Currently able to provide 8011 alloy for food manufacturing enterprises, O state packaging foil, the version of the type of layout, based on quality, to prevent the emergence of black oil, bright line, roller printing, black silk, scratch, bump, problems with mosquitoes. We ensure that the finished product thickness should be controlled within + 4%. Relying on the mature packaging technology, improve the transport system to ensure that the process of delivery from the factory to the hands of customers to avoid oxidation.

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