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Mingtai 5A06 aluminum sheet makes high quality aircraft fuel tank


Whether it's a car or a plane, its power comes from the energy consumption of the liquid, and the container that holds the liquid energy is called the fuel tank.

The 5A06 aluminum sheet  tank can be divided into two types: open tank and closed tank. The tank must be large enough. Oil suction pipe and return pipe should be inserted below the lowest level in order to prevent air suction and return oil splash bubble. The distance between the oil suction pipe and the return pipe should be as far as possible. In order to keep the oil clean, the tank should be sealed around the cover, the cover is equipped with air filter. The bottom of the tank should be more than l50mm from the ground. Adequate attention should be paid to the anticorrosion treatment of the inner surface of the fuel tank.

5a06 Aluminum plate

The aircraft in the process of flight energy consumption, select the production of fuel tank material is very important. The 5A06 aluminum alloy fuel tank of Mingtai Alum is used to increase the volume of fuel tank and store more fuel. Secondly, the aluminum alloy has small density and light weight, so as to reduce the self weight of the aircraft, thereby reducing the consumption of fuel.

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