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International certification 5083 shipbuilding aluminium plate manufacturer


According to the 5083aluminium market development and delivery of lightweight needs, Mingtai aluminium has increased the production of 5083 aluminium plate, and strictly control the 5083 marine aluminium plate process. Through the determination of alloy composition, optimization of casting process, homogenization heat treatment and rolling process test.

5083 Aluminum plate

The future of large ships in the domestic ship board, will be more and more "Mingtai made". Mingtai aluminium 1 + 1 hot-rolled production line since July put into operation, attracted more than 30 domestic shipyard high-level to the factory tour. It is reported that a number of shipbuilding enterprises to the factory after the direct signing, there are some bulk of the ship batch trial 5083 ship plate, and then with the Mingtai aluminium to maintain a long-term cooperation.

Mingtai 5083 marine aluminium plate performance and foreign materials quite meet the user requirements, especially to meet the marine aluminium, rail transportation, high-grade cars and other complex parts Processing needs of the increase, the application prospect is broad.

Mingtai 5083 marine aluminium plate applications are high-end areas of aluminium processing industry, with the domestic rail transportation market booming, and the arrival of the global automotive era, has a huge market prospects.

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