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Factory price 6063 aluminum plate-the mainstream Aluminum alloy plate


6063 Aluminum plate is mainly used to make the overall profile of the car body or the body of the tanker. Aluminum body has a great many advantages,such as light, heat, printing effect, and recyclable. In addition, it plays a great role in reducing vehicle fuel loss for the country to promote energy-saving emission reduction targets. Aluminum car body occupies an absolute dominant position in the world automobile manufacturing industry, especially in the developed countries. In  order to make the resources can be re-reasonable recycling and achieve the purpose of cut down the weight of the body, aluminum cars and tanker body have a huge space for development. So it is no wonder that more high-end areas chose  6063 aluminum plate.

6063 Aluminum plate

Mingtai Aluminum is a professional 6063 aluminum manufacturer and its 6063 aluminum plate possess good corrosion resistance, sufficient strength, excellent process performance and welding performance. Mingtai Aluminum 6063 aluminum plate can be used in various fields. For instance, in the automobile manufacturing, it can be used as body parts processing and manufacturing of raw materials, but also can be used as tanker body processing materials; in the construction field, it can be used as decorative plate, anti-corrosion plate for deep processing. With the establishment of Mingtai Aluminum Holding Co., Ltd, Zhengzhou Mingtai Traffic New Material Co., Ltd., the deep processing of aluminum can be carried out on the basis of raw materials. It is a more advanced step in the aluminum processing industry.


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